New Zealand

The beautiful New Zealand. Arriving in Auckland jet lagged and confused. From Auckland we cycled up to Cape Reinga (The most northern point) and weaved our way down both islands. 4,500km’s and two months later we ended up in Dunedin (south of the south island) I’ve now got a job working for KiwiRail and have a flat overlooking the city…



I have wanted to visit my friend Pete who works as a pilot in Hanoi for a long time. We took a short flight from Chang Mai. The crazy Hanoi. I love Hanoi. I also took a small trip over to Halong Bay (on public transport) Vietnam is an incredible place with a huge population.  That’s one week I’ll never forget.

Nurburgring, Germany

Still on two wheels but less peddling! First European trip on a motorcycle, on a beautiful hot May bank holiday with my mate Ben, who is responsible for this! Also for the purchase of my Pan European St1300.. (Cop spec) She’s a good old mile munching beast.. Will I continue cycling touring now I have a motorised bike? Of course. But the ability to travel long distances in a short time, enables a working man to travel across multiple countries in just a long weekend..

This is our 4day trip to the Nurburgring Germany. Traveling across France, Belgium & into Germany, plus the return trip across Luxembourg. Trip total around 1000miles. (450miles in one day, Luxembourg – Broughton) Superb Adventure & a few laps of the Nurburgring in a E36 BMW was a amazing experience! Not too many photos, and mainly just of our bikes! But hey, Twigglet too!